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City of Montreal – 5 new Housing financial assistance programs

Blog Montréal Immobilier 19 December 2014 Buyers Tips

The Coderre administration sets up five new municipal financial assistance programs on housing matters. These new programs are fully funded by the City.

Acquisition of property
The fixed amounts specified for the purchase of an eligible new property will be set between $ 2,250 and $ 6,250 depending on the type of purchaser and the purchased property. For families, whether for the purchase of a new or existing property
eligible, the transfer tax is refunded. The period of six months to apply for financial assistance in the signing of a deed is maintained. However, an exceptional measure is
introduced to enable the filing of an application for financial assistance for Citizens who have not benefited from the full period of six months at the judgment of the making new demands on July 14, and for those who bought property since.

So Montrealers who signed a deed of sale for an eligible new property between and including January 15, 2014 the entry into force of the Regulation will take up to six months after the entry into force.

Stabilization of foundations
The lump sum will vary depending on the type of intervention to stabilize the building between $ 170 per linear meter of wall foundations and replaced $ 390 pile foundations installed under rubble, plus a basic amount of $ 800.

Major Residential Renovation
The level of funding will be determined in particular by type of ownership and nature of the intervention on the building. In all cases, the work must carry to surrender to building standards. The City also maintain funding current for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and rooming houses, and, both for the Major Residential Renovation and Retrofit Program to card.

Renovation “à la carte”
The lump sum financial assistance will vary, especially depending on the extent of the intervention on the building and the type of owner.

Urban housing for families
The amounts paid by eligible dwelling will be $ 10,000 for timber construction and $ 12,500 for non-combustible buildings. the amount can reach that total grant is $ 375,000.

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Source : Direction de l’habitation

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